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Bioagri Ltd was established in 2007 by two partners eager to provide an efficient and transparent service to companies involved in the raw materials trading business.


Later, in 2009 two more people joined the group, giving life to the current formation of Bioagri.


The products treated are the so called agricultural commodities, listed on the domestic market and on the main future markets of Chicago, Paris and London. These products require highly proficient operators, in order to face complex, sometimes prolonged, negotiations.

Thanks to its strong relationships with consumption and this field major companies, including Bunge, Dreyfus, Nidera, Cargill, ADM, Noble, Granit and Invivo, Bioagri Ltd’s customers are offered an accurate view of markets both by examining the prices offered by the major sellers and commenting on the markets developments and evolutions. This service is based on updated information and accurate reports released by the major market operators.


All the counterparties arguments are based on these markets evolutions which are followed according to the agricultural crops in different parts of the world, dealing with any possible problems.


For such reasons, Bioagri Ltd’s ethic is based on crtransparency, reliability and professionalism, in order to meet all its customers needs.


The company is organized as a Ltd: a president, two administrators, three employees and a freelancer. All operating within the company.


The business is held by phone, through e-mails from Ravenna’s headquarter, and at Milan and Bologna stock markets (where the company is present

with its own offices) through direct contact between counterparties.


Moreover, Bioagri Ltd, through its operators, attends all the main international trading events, aiming to strengthen and take care of existing relationships, and create new ones with operators from other countries.

Head office: Via Diaz 64, 48121 Ravenna

Phone: (0039) 0544-202800Logo vettoriale bioagri_web.pngLogo vettoriale bioagri_web.png

Fax: (0039) 0544-1762016


Vat. Num. 02290680392